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  RSS to FidoNet, rss2fido by_Rain 27/09-2006g.

  The program is designed to track new items RSS
  and forming specially messages to FidoNet.

  Advantages over other programs and scripts:
  1) custom template future messages;
  2) Support for multiple code pages;
  3) Four run of the program:
  a) without parameters,
  b) showing only address RSS,
  c) indicating parametres in command line using keys
  (for details see "rss2fido --help"),
  g) Working with configuration file
  (which is the key "rss2fido -c [path_config_file]").
  4) fast working by processing data in RAM;
  5) customizable language file, which allows you to:
  a) support many languages;
  b) use macros to customize colors, appearance, launching applications,
  correct file stories, and more.
  6) custom config file allows you to:
  a) unlimited addresses RSS;
  b) has many options.
  7) Three result of the program:
  a) create message to file;
  b) posting messages in a mailbox: squish, jam, msg;
  c) create package (pkt).
  8) Create a file in UUE.
  9) The possibility of sending files in Bink Style Outbound.
  10) Built macro language.
  11) The possibility of keeping track of new messages.
  12) The program can work through proxy servers.
  13) Template file you can record a message in the out file,
  as you have fantation. :)

  Files of the program:  license  id.txt  help.txt  info.txt  file_id.diz  errorlevels.txt  template

  cp: FreePascal

  Old site:
  Feedback use: AlexSubbotin[yap] (2:5030/1543@fidonet), Alexey Subbotin, by_Rain